Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mm Mm Mm!

So this morning I actually made breakfast.
I know it's quite the shocker but I really did.

My roommate has had bacon sitting in the fridge for a little while now and we have both been dying to eat it so we decided to make it this morning.
Best idea ever!
We also made chocolate chip pancakes and eggs.
My mom is so proud of me!
No really, she is. I told her all about it this morning.

I feel pretty cool because this is the first real breakfast I have cooked for myself since I moved here haha(:

Oh and the whole bacon thing reminded me of this.
Watch it.
I love this video and I love bacon!
Bring on the clogged arteries!

This is a little idea of what our breakfast looked like.
Oh yeah.
Be jealous.

After we ate all that we could, we had a little extra so we may or may not have taken a plate of this deliciousness to a random apartment in our ward and doorbell ditched it.
You will never know.

Last night, all of my roommates and I also made cookies!
We are on a roll!

We may or may not have doorbell ditched those too..

Good times(:

Peace and Blessings