Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mm Mm Mm!

So this morning I actually made breakfast.
I know it's quite the shocker but I really did.

My roommate has had bacon sitting in the fridge for a little while now and we have both been dying to eat it so we decided to make it this morning.
Best idea ever!
We also made chocolate chip pancakes and eggs.
My mom is so proud of me!
No really, she is. I told her all about it this morning.

I feel pretty cool because this is the first real breakfast I have cooked for myself since I moved here haha(:

Oh and the whole bacon thing reminded me of this.
Watch it.
I love this video and I love bacon!
Bring on the clogged arteries!

This is a little idea of what our breakfast looked like.
Oh yeah.
Be jealous.

After we ate all that we could, we had a little extra so we may or may not have taken a plate of this deliciousness to a random apartment in our ward and doorbell ditched it.
You will never know.

Last night, all of my roommates and I also made cookies!
We are on a roll!

We may or may not have doorbell ditched those too..

Good times(:

Peace and Blessings

Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of School!

So today was my first day of school.
I have been pretty excited about it!
I don't really know why, though, because most people dread it,
and i'm taking anatomy,
But it gives me something to do.
I also like the social part.
Oh and the hotties.
And of course the hot chocolates(:
The only part that I was really dreading was having to wake up at 6:30 in the a.m. this morning.
I don't think I have done that since high school!
This picture just sums up how I felt when I woke up this morning..

Now all of my classes are done for the day.
Thank goodness!
But it really wasn't too bad..
I kind of enjoyed myself haha.
Hopefully this will be a good semester(:

Oh and I got a pinterest thing the other day!
Now I have another thing to be addicted to.
Thanks a lot Ashley.
ahaha jp(:
It's kind of fun!
The only thing I have pinned so far are two kinds of desserts..
Don't judge.
They look super tasty and I just might make one of them!
Or both.
We will just have to see.

And a year ago today, two of my friends I did rodeo with passed away.
It is crazy how fast time flies and sometimes it still doesn't seem like they are gone.
Love you Mabry and Loren!

On the other hand, I have two new roommates!
We are just going to have a party all year(:
It's gonna be fun!

Oh and I actually helped Ashley make dinner yesterday!
I know it's hard to believe, but I did(:
We made Mexican Stromboli
IDK if that's how you spell it, but it looks good to me.
It was quite delicious!
Ashley did most of it, but I was quite the assistant.
She even told me that if she ever went on cup cake wars, she would take me to be her assistant.
I'm kind of a big deal.

But yeah.
That's it for now.

Peace and Blessings

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I'm not very good at this blogging thing I guess..
But I think like twice every year isn't too bad right?
And sorry it's kind of long..

In January, my brother finally came home off his mission!
Woot Woot!
It has been so much fun having him back home(:

This is when he first got off the plane.
It felt like we had to wait forever!

But when he finally walked through those doors we were all so excited(:

This is all of us sisters and him.
Isn't he lucky?

And this is all of us sisters waiting for him.
We even made him some pretty legit signs(:
Thank goodness that kept us preoccupied while we were waiting!

Here is the whole family that was there when he got back.
It was so much fun(:

In February, not a whole lot really happened..
Some of my roommates and I heard about a dance that was going on so we thought we would go to it.
It was like a vintage kind of dance and we wanted to deck out!
But by the time we got ready and took pictures, it was already over haha.
Thank goodness Jamba was still open though(:

On Valentine's day, my roommate Kendra and I went to Krispy Kreme!
That is like one of my favorite places EVER!!
They even had cute little heart shaped doughnuts for Valentine's Day!

Good thing I don't live right next to it or I would be there all the time!

Thank you Krispy Kreme for making that the best Valentine's Day Ever.

My roommate, Anna, had her birthday on the 17th of February so we had a little party.

Yes that is us eating her cake from off the ground.
Don't judge.

So we heard about another dance and we actually made it to this one!
It was a DI dance and it was a freakin party!

Don't we look awesome?(:

In March, my friend Whitney and I got feather extensions.
Her sister in law does hair so we decided to have her put them in for us.
When I got back to my apartment, my roommate Jessica saw them and she fell in love!
The next day I took her back and she got them, too!
They are pretty much the coolest things ever!!

We also went to the Festival of Colors.
It was so much fun!
You just get little bags of chalk and throw it at anyone and everyone!
Talk about a great way to get out your rage!

This is all of us before..

And this is all of us after!

And no worries!
We even found some very nice, attractive men there as well(:

After the Festival of Colors, there was a college rodeo not very far from Provo.
My cousin and her friend came and stayed with me for a night and we went to the rodeo.
It was so much fun!
That was the first time for 7 months that I hadn't been to a rodeo!
I was going through some serious withdrawals..
Aaryn, Sara, Me

Me and Sara(:

My darling sister, Hannah, came down to Utah for my birthday!
She even rode slash all the way down here.
Now that's some serious love!
I love it when Hannah comes to see me(:
She is such a party and we always have so much fun!

My cousin, Chelsi, came and helped celebrate as well.
We all ate breakfast at Ashley and Jordan's and it was divine!
We had crepes that were especially delicious(:

Chelsi and I spicing up our crepes just a little bit..

The rest of my family came down later that day and we ate at Olive Garden and the next day went to General Conference.
It was a lot of fun and I was so glad that they all came down(:
Austin and I waiting to eat

At the end of April, everyone was moving out so our FHE family decided to have a "Family Dinner" before we all left and it was quite tasty(:
Most of us!
Some people had to leave before we took the picture.
The Nerve!

The night before everyone had to move out, Jessica and I discovered the most amazing thing EVER!
Sun Drops(:
They are one of the best drinks!
They are kind of like squirts but 10 times better!
Who knew?!
First you drink it..
Then you drop it(:
You can watch the commercial here.
Do it.
Your life will be forever changed!

In May, I got extensions!
I loved them(:
And I also had to go home to get my wisdom teeth out..
That was no bueno!!
Thank goodness that is over though(:
Karrie and I the week before my wisdom teeth out.
And if you think I am going to put a picture up after I got my wisdom teeth out then think again!

During Memorial Day weekend, my friend Yvonne and I came up to Idaho.
It was such a party!
We chilled at my house, went to Rexburg, and we also went to Jackson!
It was very windy and cold in Jackson, but it was so much fun!
I absolutely love that place(:
Yvonne, Hannah, and I on our way to Jackson
This was also the week after my wisdom teeth experience so my face is still a little swollen!

Yeah. This is real.
I got to drive it.
Be jealous.

During the summer, I lived with my friend Whitney and we build a fort.
It was like the coolest thing ever!
We also went mattress sliding and it was soooo fun!

We also had a birthday party for our other roommate, Tiffany.
I love Tiffany.
She is sooo funny!
Whitney and I only lived with her during the Spring Semester, but it was quite the party(:

So my friend Krissy had a whole bunch of wedding dresses that she wanted to sell and she asked me to be a model for a little photo shoot that she was having!
I was so honored!
She also had two of her other friends as well and it was so much fun!
Raquel Acevedo took the pictures and she did such a good job!

On July 2, 2011, my brother got married to Aubree Furrows.
Austin started dating Aubree before he went on his mission and while he was gone, Aubree and I would always hang out.
I love hanging out with Aubree!!
She is the nicest, funnest, most creative girl ever!
I am so excited that we are now seesters(:

Don't they look so cute together?!(:

All of us(:

The same weekend of Aubree and Austin's wedding was the 4th of July weekend.
It was way fun(:
Most of my relatives were in Idaho for the wedding so we had a little family reunion.
We hung out all day at a park where we ate, made crafts, shopped, and ate some more!
We also watched the Idaho Falls fireworks!
They are always so awesome to see(:
I stayed at Chelsi's after the wedding and the next day when we went to church, we were all wearing something of Rochelle's.
It was pretty bomb and the look on Rochelle's face when Chelsi and I walked through the doors and she finally noticed that we were wearing her clothes was priceless!

So August so far has been quite the adventure!
Hannah, my mom, Austin, and Aubree all came down to go school shopping
so Ashley and I went with them!
We pretty much went shopping everywhere and had lunch and dinner together.
It was quite the successful weekend!
The next weekend I went up to Idaho and was in a rodeo!
It was very interesting because Hannah and I switched horses, but it was so fun!
My friend Yvonne and her fiance Spencer also came up(:
I was so glad they did and they had a lot of fun!
We also celebrated Ashley's birthday!
We had fondue and it was freakin delicious!
Hannah also came down again a few days later.
She is such a party!
We did so many fun things while she was down here!
We went to 7 peaks, ate lots of food, watched lots of good movies, and just chatted nonstop.
I love it when she comes to visit(:

This last weekend, I went up to Salt Lake and played with Chelsi.
We went to Wingers, went to Arctic Circle, and we also saw One Day.
Okay so that is like pretty much the best movie ever!
I'm not going to spoil it for any of you, but it doesn't end the way you think it will!
So go see it.
You will love it!(:

Also when we were at Wingers, I noticed that it was really windy and getting kind of stormy.
When were going to leave, we got to the front doors and stopped.
It was raining soooo hard!
Neither of us wanted to go outside.
We thought we would wait for a little while to see if the rain would calm down a little bit, but it didn't.
I think it started raining harder and harder.
While we were trying to build up the nerve to run outside,
Chelsi noticed that her windows were down!
It was so funny!
We finally decided that we had to go so we ran outside to her car.
We were seriously only outside for like 10 seconds and we felt like we had jumped in a swimming pool.
We were soaking wet!
It was so funny and so much fun, though, so we decided we didn't really care what we looked like anymore so we put on some sweats and went to the movie.
I actually think I like watching movies in sweats better.
Is that weird?
Oh well haha.
It was a blast(:

This was after we got attacked by the rain.

Oh and sometimes I get really bored and like to take pictures with Ashley's computer, camera, or even her iPad!
And I promise I will try blogging more so I don't keep doing these REALLY longs posts!

Peace and Blessings!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

oh my lanta..

so much has happened since may.
i finally graduated!!

and i moved down to utah in june.
i only took two classes during the summer.
the rest of the time i was playing with my roommates or my sister ashley(:

and my sister alex got married!!!

me. ashley, hannah, and blake's sisters were the bridesmaids.

i also got a job at the office where i live and its super nice!

i got new roommates for the fall and winter semester and they are so much fun(:

we went and saw the midnight premiere of harry potter and it was a really good movie

good thing it was because we sat outside for hours before the movie started!

but it was worth it(:

for thanksgiving, our fhe family decided to take family pictures.

they all turned out very nice

our whole ward went and saw the lights at temple square

it was a lot of fun

we ate dinner at the top of the zions bank building

it was so beautiful!

christmas was way fun.

alex graduated over the break

i got to hang out with my family and my friends

and i got to talk to my brother who is almost finished with his mission(:

i can't wait til he comes home!

our new semester started january 5th and its going pretty good so far.

i'm loving my classes

work is going great

and i got some footie pajamas(:

they are probably one of my favorite things right now

and tonight we got some some free pizza.

its pretty amazing(:

and this weekend is going to be a 3 day weekend and i am so excited for it!

i don't have to do anything until tuesday(:

and one of my best friends is coming to see me.

i can't wait!!

its going to be so fun(:

sexy: cowboys in wrangler jeans

unsexy: creepers who don't get the hint and won't leave you alone!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

State Basketball

Going to state in anything is always so fun. When the boys went to state basketball, the cheerleaders got to go with them and we got to drive ourselves to Boise. That was the best thing we have ever done. We stayed in a different hotel than the boys stayed at and it was a really nice hotel. They had a nice indoor swimming pool and really good food for breakfast. We also got to go to them mall whenever we wanted to and we just got to do everything that we wanted. It was so nice.
The first night we were there, Belen and I were just walking around the hotel because we didn't really want to go swimming. We saw this kid that was about fourteenish and he was all alone so we decided to talk to him. He also looked really familiar and we asked him what his name was and he told us his name was Mckye. So Belen asked him if he had a brother named Braden Watt. Mckye said it was his brother so we called Braden on Mckye's phone and talked to him for awhile. We also became friends with Mckye and hung out with him while we were there. We even tried setting him up with Hannah. It didn't work out too well with them.
The next night, Belen and I decided we would stay up the whole night because it was our last night there. We first started out the night by hanging out with some of our friends that came to our hotel. We just chilled in the weight room and talked. Then a lot of people started coming in and we didn't want to hang out with them so we left the weight room and went to play on the elevators. It was really fun because a lot of people kept getting on and off and we just rode it the whole time. Then we went and hung out in the lobby and then our friends had to leave. So Belen and I decided that we would go back to the weight room and hang out with whoever was in there. Kaden was in the weight room so we were just chatting with him.
When he was in the pool, there were also some drunk people that were in there and they just all of a sudden got mad at him so thats why he went to the weight room. Then all of the other cheerleaders started coming in so we just kind of started chatting with them also. While we were all just sitting in there, the drunk people came in. There was a girl and a guy and the guy wanted to take us on in a lifting competition. Then he told us to go get our dads so he could take them on, too. The girl was just plain crazy and was asking us how old we were and then they were accusing us of being pot smokers and drinkers. They started getting really mad and then Bob, Tanner, and Justin walked by. We were so relieved and told them to come in with us.
The drunk people asked us if they were our boyfriends and we told them we weren't and the guys told the drunk people that they didn't even know who we were. They were just talking to the drunk people and tried not to get them mad but that didn't happen. The drunk people got really mad and the boys told us to leave.
We all went out of the first part of the hotel and we were talking to Shaylee, Alli, and a few other people that were there about what happened. And while we were just chilling outside, the drunk people came out and they wanted Kaden to go talk to them. We told Kaden to go back to his room so they would leave him alone. So Kaden ran back to his room and closed the door. Then we all went back to talk to the drunk people because they still wanted to talk to Kaden but we told them that he went to bed. They still wouldn't leave us alone about it and they kept telling us that they just wanted to apologize to him. We told them that we would tell him and then they finally left us alone.
We all went back to our room to to talk about what happened. We were all laughing about it and then everyone started getting ready for bed except for Belen and me. We wanted to stay up all night so we quietly left the room and just went and hung out in the lobby. We became friends with the the lady that worked at the front counter and she made us hot chocolate. She also let us watch movies and stuff in the lobby. She also told us that we could get back in the pool if we wanted even though it was closed. We decided to go back into the pool but we didn't swim. We just sat and chatted.
After that, we went into the little office place that they had and we got on the computers. First we checked our Myspace and emails and then we started getting kind of tired so we started walking around the hotel again. Then we went back to the little office place again and we started looking up videos on youtube and we were dancing to them. It was so much fun.
When we were done dancing and stuff, we went and walked around the hotel again. We sat on the couches in the lobby and we kinda fell asleep for about twenty minutes. When we woke up, There was a bunch of people in there and they were all eating breakfast. We ate breakfast really quick and then we had to go back to our room and get all of our stuff ready to leave. We were so tired while we were getting all of our stuff together so we slept on the whole ride home.

Monday, May 17, 2010

B.P.A (aka biggest partiers around)

B.P.A is so much fun. Regionals is fun but state is even funner. This year was also the definitely the funnest. Bryce, Amanda, Hayden, and I were all on the Web Design Team. We got first at regionals and we made it to state. But that wasn't even the best part. It all started on the bus.
There were four other girls that went so we were going to split the rooms up into two groups of three. And the four other girls were all on another team, too. So Amanda and I had this brilliant idea that our Web Design team should be in our own room and the other team should be in one room so we would be able to get all of our competition stuff worked out. So we went and told Mr. Stembridge that he should tell them that so Amanda and I could have our own room. They all believed it at first and they were all freaking out because they didn't want to do that. It was funny, though, to see all of them freak out like that. But then we had to keep the rooms the same because those other girls didn't want to do that.
On our way to Boise, we had to pick up Marsh Valley's B.P.A. team because we were going to share the bus with them. They were all kind of weird but they were nice. One of the girls had chips and she said we could have some. So I got a big handful of them and had them in both of my hands. I was getting the chips out of my hands with my mouth and all of the Marsh Valley people were all like 'Wow! That is really cool! I wouldn't be able to do that.' etc. So I told them all, being the smart alec that i am, 'I can do amazing things with my tongue.' They all freaked out and couldn't believe I said that. And none of them knew I was kidding. Except for everyone from our school. It was really funny.
When we finally got to Boise, we were so excited. There were a lot of schools that stayed in the same hotel we stayed at so we were way excited. And our hotel was very nice. They had good food too.
On one of the nights, Hayden, Bryce, Amanda, and I walked to the gas station that was pretty close to our hotel and bought some ice cream. we picked the kinds we wanted and then we had to look for some spoons. They had some plastic spoons by the soda fountain so i took one and put it in my pocket. When I went to go pay, i just put the ice cream up there because that was all I was going to buy. While the cashier was ringing up my ice cream, she asked me if I had anything else. I told her no and she looked at me like I was lying to her. So I told her that i had the spoon but I didn't think I had to pay for it. Then she just looked at me like I was retarded. So when i was finished buying all of my stuff, I left the store as fast as I could.
And while we were in Boise, everyone in B.P.A. got to go to a Semi-Pro Basketball game. I saw some people from Ririe that I knew. We were just chatting for a little while and then he told me that I never called him for a wheelchair because of my knee and so I told him it was because I didn't have his number. He told me he would give it to me then so I could. I wasn't really in to him so I didn't really want his number so I told asked him 'What if I don't need a wheelchair though?' He didn't know what to say to that and I felt kind of mean but everyone that was there was just laughing. And It was pretty funny.
That night back at the hotel, Amanda and I had some powdered doughnuts. We thought it would be funny if we put them all over our face and walked around the hotel. Well it was pretty fun. Mrs. Bowcutt and one of her students that was in B.P.A. were right outside. We saw them and we just started laughing because of what was on our face and we left because we were kind of embarrassed. So we went downstairs and we were just sitting in the lounge. Some people walked by us and walked into the little snack shop thing that the hotel had. So we decided to go in there to. We were looking at everything and we were just being kind of retarded. And when we turned around, one of the boys who was in there like freaked out. He was all 'What the heck is on your face?!' And of course, we pretended that we had no idea what he was talking about. He kept asking us what it was and then Amanda and I looked at each other and said 'Oh my gosh you do have something on your face! This is so embarrassing!' and then we left and went back up to the floor that our room was on.
When we got upstairs, one of the rooms had their door open. We went and looked inside and there were some people in there. So we just starting talking to them. They seemed really nice. then one of them came out to talk to us and he kinda freaked out to. He asked us the same questions and we did the same thing. But he was cool and gave us a piece of pizza. It was really good.
Then we left them and started walking back to our room. Mrs. Bowcutt and that kid were still out in the hall talking and Bryce was with them. Amanda and I were pretending we were spies or something and we started like trying to be sneaky as we were walking down the hall. Amanda and I were laughing so hard as we were telling them what happened to us and they all thought we were crazy. The kid that was talking to Mrs. Bowcutt and Bryce asked Bryce if we were drunk or something because we were pretty crazy. But of course we weren't and then we finally went to our rooms and got all the crap off our faces.
We also did a little prank calling while we were in Boise. We would call random rooms and just say random stuff. One time when I called a random room, some kid picked up. I talked to him with a Spanish accent and told him that his tacos were ready for him to come pick up. He told me to hold on for a second and then I could hear him asking his mom if they bought tacos. It was so funny! Then his mom got on the phone and I told her the same thing. Then she told me that they didn't order any tacos and then she hung up and that was the end of that.
We also spiced up the awards ceremony. That thing always seems to drag on forever. So we decided that we would have fun with it this year. We just made up random conversations so everyone around us could hear. Amanda said something about how her dad wanted to get a 12th wife and just said a whole bunch of funny stuff about that. Then Hayden and I were pretending to be in a fight and Ms. Bratsman thought we were being serious. And it just went on and on throughout the whole awards ceremony. We also did a whole lot more crazy things and that was probably one of the funnest trips that I have been on with the school.

Potato Harvest

I have never really been a big fan of Potato Harvest. I just hate working all day every for extremely long hours and I never really had any friends working for us because they used to be too young to work. But the funnest time I worked in Potato Harvest was when I was a Junior. We had the funnest crew. Austin, Kyle, and Preston worked out in the field and Emily, Mataya, Belen, and Hannah picked clods and Jo and I drove trucks.
The first day we started, I was getting the last load in the field for the day. When I was driving up to Austin's digger, him, Kyle, and Preston were all standing out by Austin's tractor. I knew something was up. So when I pulled up, they all started throwing dirt clods at my truck. I was going to get out but I knew that they would kill me. So I just sat safely in my truck with my window rolled down. One of them hit my mirror and the dirt went everywhere! It was all over me. So they finally decided to get back to work and I took my load back to the cellar.
The next day we worked, all of the guys were telling me I was going down. So I told all the girls at back at the cellar and we decided we would get them back. It was war.
When we were getting ready to be done for the night, Emily, Jo, and I got a lot of mini potatoes and hid them in our sweatshirts so we could throw them at the boys when they put their tractors away. When they started coming in, we were trying to sneak up on them so we could hit them with our potatoes. They saw us so they were trying to run away and find some potatoes they could throw at us. We hit them a few times and they were still trying to find things to throw at us. They found a few potatoes to throw but they missed us. Then one of them found a crowbar and started chasing me around the tractors. Thank goodness Jo was there because she threw a potato at him and then we escaped.
Then the next night, Emily, Mataya, Jo, and I found a bunch of small potatoes again and waited by our shop for the guys to get there so we could get them again. When they got there, they went into the shop with the door open and they were trying to fix something on one of the tractors. We all got into our positions and started attacking them again. They were trying to find things to throw at us again and then they shut all the doors and locked us out. Then we found another way to get in and we were hiding behind the tractor. Then Mataya threw a potato at Preston and hit him on the back of the head and the potato broke into pieces. It was so funny.
So we kept that going for pretty much all of spud harvest. It was so fun. That was definitely one of the funnest spud harvests that I have worked in.